Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Study A Retail Economic Analysis and Reporting

  1. Sales trends
  2. Customer flow
  3. Rent – Sales Projections
  4. Annual Comparisons

Shopping Centre Management Analysis provides a valuable aide for decision making within a shopping centre. The Shopping Centre Management Analysis is based on a variety of factors, including individual shop turnover, rent, position and customer traffic. The information shows trends and focal areas in real time and is currently used within large scale shopping centres around south east Queensland.

Case Study B Catchment Site Analysis

The catchment site analysis was undertaken in the Hodgson Creek catchment (Darling Downs) in conjunction with local landholders, environmental bodies and the University of Southern Queensland. This site analysis helped in determining rehabilitation zones for native tree plantations for areas susceptible to erosion and salinity.

You can find information on the catchment site analysis by clicking here.